• Installation of Cables or Braces to support sagging limbs or weak branch or stem attachments. This can be done on mature and young plants.
  • Erection of tree protection zones to protect valued trees from construction damage.
  • Cavity Remediation to promote wound closure
  • Root Pruning to reduce formation of Girdling Roots
    Some plant species are prone to this disorder.(See photo in the gallery) As these roots grow, over time they can constrict the plants ability to take up water and nutrients by choking off other roots or the root flare Early identification of this issue is important to avoid excessive.


Meadowood Tree Service will help you find a plant that is right for you and your property and install it for you.


Just bought a new home with a treed lot? Want to know what kind of trees you have and if they are healthy? Planning a construction Project? Sometimes A more detailed analysis is required to determine a course of action to save your trees or shrubs

  • Property Inspections and assessments
  • Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Tree Valuation
  • Arborist Reports


Sometimes Trees need to be removed for reasons such as hazards or poor location. Having a skilled and knowledgeable crew on site should ensure the job is completed safely and competently.


Stumps can take a long time to decay. Grinding them out to plant turf or another tree is very common. It is also the best practice, to use a grinder in areas close to other plants. Grinding is less invasive than digging and can minimize damage to adjacent root systems.