Plant Health Care is the management of pests (insects), diseases, biotic and abiotic factors that may affect the longevity of your trees and shrubs.

Having a knowledge of botany, entomology, phenology, biotic and abiotic disorders is paramount for diagnosing plant health issues.

Our Plant Health Care program is based on basic IPM (Integrated Pest Management) principals. By using cultural, natural and chemical controls, we will employ the least toxic strategy available based on;

  • The life cycle of the pest or pathogen.
  • The pest or pathogen populations
  • Threshold levels or level of damage.
  • The effect of treatment on the surrounding environment

If you,” the client”, insist on a completely "green approach", we can tailor a program just for you.

Note In some cases cultural methods and low toxicity or "green" products may not be effective and therefore a more aggressive treatment may be required to save the plant.


By enrolling in a Plant Monitor Program, the client gives us the ability to diagnose and treat problem areas in their landscape early in the pests or pathogens life cycle. This can limit damage and enables us to use cultural or low toxicity products. Visits can be tailored from weekly to monthly.