Watering Trees And Shrubs

Taking care of your tree and shrubs requires an understanding of water management.

This is something that requires both time and attention to help reduce heat and drought stresses and to better help your trees survive during these difficult periods.

 Slow, deep watering to a depth of 8 to 12 inches every five to seven days during drought is ideal for mature trees.  And remember tree roots are not only at the base of the tree.  Tree roots can be found well beyond the drip line of the foliar canopy.

Focus watering  half way from the trunk of the tree to the drip line, and extend out beyond the drip line.  Lawn sprinklers work well for large areas.

If you find that the condition of your soil does not allow water to properly percolate into the soil you may require some assistance.  Visit the CONTACT US page if you require assistance.

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